Generally no, unless an agreement is made at the time of booking. Photos published by us are designed and built as to have a clear perception of the property by whoever is viewing; also ApartamentSiena SRLS is the guarantor of the validity of these images.

The prices are chosen according to the property, the period chosen for the stay, and the utilities (gas, water, and electricity). In the case of short periods (1 to 10 days) they are included for the daily price and for long periods (10 days or more) the utilities will be calculated on the actual consumption and charged separately at check-out.

In general, times of arrival and departure must be between the following periods:

Monday- Friday: 9:00 am to 7:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am to 6:00pm

For arrivals or departures outside of these hours, there will be a fee which will later be agreed upon.

At the confirmation time of your booking, we will have the document confirming the lease agreement for you, with which you can apply for the visa.

Obviously the animal in question must be of a kind permitted by the Italian law, but not all owners of the apartments accept animals on their property. It is always mandatory to specify this need when booking online and have, consequently, the expressed authorization by the proprietor in question.

At the moment of the online confirmation of your apartment you are asked to pay an advance, to be paid by credit card or a bank transfer.
Once you have made the payment, you will be sent a receipt along with all of the relevant information you will need to meet us at the check in.
For stays loner than one month, the Italian law requires that you register the contract, which can happen the week after check in.

The tenant is responsible during their stay of the valuables kept in the apartment (furniture, appliances, etc.) so if something breaks or is damaged due to negligence of the tenant themselves, the cost of repairs or any replacement will be deducted from the deposit.
This procedure does not refer to the extent reasonable in any in any broken crockery or small items (such as soap dishes, plates, glasses), but in this case, we ask you let us know at check out so that we can reinstate the lack for the next tenant.

The refund procedure for those who will need to cancel the booking is as follows:

  • For stays within 28 days whose cancellation is made prior to 14 days before the date you arrival, you will be refunded the whole amount that you have already paid.
  • For stays within 28 days whose cancellation is made after 14 days, but prior to 5 days, the company will withhold the entire amount of the confirmed deposit from the booking.
  • For stays longer than 28 days whose cancellation is made before 60 days prior to the arrival date, you will be refunded the entire amount you have already paid.
  • For stays longer than 28 days whose cancellation is made after 60 days prior to the arrival date, but before 30 days, the company will withhold the entire amount of the confirmed deposit from the booking.

In all other cases the customer will be required to pay the total of the booking.

All of our apartments include these items, but for those who may want to bring your own will have to have also the power adapters, AC European 220 volts, if not equipped with an attack compliant.

We are happy to accommodate your family in the best way. We offer a stock of common accessories such as strollers, highchairs, and cribs, etc. available to you and your family.
For any other needs, just ask in advance to one of our staff and we will do anything we can to accommodate you.

The city of Siena has been classified as number one in the most livable cities in Italy. All of the areas surrounding the town are small villages where time seems to stand still and all the people know each other as one big family … So absolutely yes!! All of the apartments are very safe!

All of the apartments displayed on our website are sponsored only after a legal contract is entered between the company ApartmentSiena SRLs with their owners and only after the company itself has viewed the premises in question.
All images and information published about an apartment or carried out by our operators are always verified in person by the company itself.

All of the properties are exclusively and privately owned by all owners who have decided to cooperate with us, while the B&B present on the side are autonomous structures that only offer booking service online.

Only some of the properties advertised are suitable for those with disabilities and they are indicated by an icon. In any case, you can receive more detailed information on request from the contacts displayed on our site.

We would be happy to help you in your search and make ourselves available to be contacted by email and phone by the addresses and numbers displayed on our website.

In addition to the extra services described on the single page of each apartment, on the home page of our site you can find a section “Concierge,” where you can find a whole range of additional services and activities specifically designed to make your stay an unforgettable experience!

At the arrival of each client the linen is always provided and replaced only at the check-out. If you would like to have a linen service and extra cleaning during your stay, you must specify this at the time of booking.

Credit card, bank transfer, and cash (this only for the deposit, which is required to be filed at the check-in.)

The city of Siena does not have an international airport, but the two nearest airports are those of Florence or Pisa Airport Galileo Galilei. From both we can offer you a transfer via chauffer, for an added fee.

The deposit must be paid in cash at the time of your check-in in order to have access to the property.
The return of the deposit will be at the check-out, only after a joint verification of good condition of the apartment.
Nel caso in cui non vengano riscontrati danni di nessun genere la restituzione sarà totale, mentre nel caso in cui si dovessero riscontrare danni agli arredi o alla struttura stessa dell’immobile verrà trattenuta la somma sufficiente ad eseguire le eventuali riparazioni o sostituzioni e l’eventuale differenza restituita tramite bonifico bancario a fine lavori di ripristino.
In the case that there are no damages of any kind, the return will be the total amount of which you paid. In case that there are damages to furnishings or to the structure of the property itself, we will keep the sufficient amount in order to repair or replace anything needed. Any difference would then be refunded by bank transfer at the end of the restoration work.

To know the prices and the availability of a property on our website, just click on the picture and it will open the file of the apartment where you will find the calendar with all of the dates available for that particular property. After selecting the chosen period, you will also be able to see the total price for the stay.